ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party-led coalition Government is all set to get the Holder of Public Office (Accountability) Act 2009 passed from the upcoming National Assembly session starting from April 26. The National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice gave approval to the draft of Holder of Public Office(Accountability) Act 2009 on 14th of this month, commonly known as Accountability Commission, with majority vote setting aside some very critical amendments proposed in it by Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). Sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed that at the time of the approval of the draft of Accountability Commission by the NA Standing Committee, a very few members of the Committee were in attendance and even the Federal Minister for Law and Justice was also not present to the annoyance of the Committees Chairperson Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry. The sources in government quarters informed that as the draft of Accountability Commission was sent to the National Assembly Secretariat it would most likely be tabled before the upcoming session for legislation and would certainly be approved as it just required simple majority in the House. The sources further informed that even the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), which had earlier taken a very tough stand on the Accountability Commission, would confine to just opposing it or to a maximum staging a walkout at the time of voting on it. These sources further informed that Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had entered into some tacit understanding on the issue as they were also not in favour of a tough and independent Accountability Commission for obvious reasons. A PPP parliamentarian on condition of anonymity informed that PML(N) was fully onboard on the issue and they would not create much hurdle in the passage of the Accountability Commission to replace the existing National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Previously Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) members of the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice had twice forced the Government to withdraw the Accountability Commission bill from tabling in the National Assembly expressing serious concerns over it and also charging the Committee for making last minute changes in the draft without bringing it to their notice. The pressure from PML(N) was so intense that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was forced to say it on the floor of the National Assembly that he would send the draft of Accountability Commission to Mian Nawaz Sharif and whatever changes he would propose in it, the same would be incorporated in it and then it would be tabled before the House for legislation. But now setting aside some very pertinent amendments proposed in the draft bill of Accountability Commission by PML(N), the bill was approved by the Committee and dispatched to the National Assembly Secretariat for further action. The draft of Accountability Commission approved by the NA Standing Committee contained some very interesting things that while examining the corruption charges against any of the public office holder, it would be examined that with what intention he had committed the corruption and if the intention behind doing something wrong was good, it would not be compoundable. A legal expert commenting on the issue said that in law there was no yardstick to examine the intention of people and then to decide the matter. Similarly the dropping of the condition of serving judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan and even permitting a person who qualify to be a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan eligible for holding the office of Chairman NAB could put the whole exercise of conducting the accountability in jeopardy, as every sitting government would attempt to bring the man of their choice on this priced slot not only to get their men scot-free but also use it as a tool of coercion against their political opponents like it had been done in the past.