KARAK The association of leaseholders and contractors of gypsum of Karak district refused to pay the cess fee tax imposed by the Tehsil Council, Karak, and termed it illegal and much high than the scheduled rate fixed in the other tehsiles of the district. District President of the association Mahmood Shah, flanked by Mian Lebab Gul, Rasheed Khan, Muhammad Qayyum Khan and Muhammad Janan, informed during a press conference here on Friday that people related with the gypsum business were facing severe problems due to unfair cess fee tax fixed by the Tehsil Council, approved by the provincial government. They claimed that gypsum business was already in loss as the contractors and lease owners hardly affording the expenses of labourers and royalty and excise duties therefore the high rates of cess fee tax was unaffordable for them. The lease owners complained that they had brought the issue into the notice of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Karak, to reduce the cess fee tax and made it uniform in the district as the tax of cess fee was low at Banda Daud Shah and Takht Nusrati tehsils as compared to Karak tehsil. They added that kitchens of thousands of poor labourers were run through the business of gypsum and if the government did not reduce the rate of tax then they would leave with no other option but to close the business, which would directly affect the poor labourers. The contractors and lease owners threatened if the cess fee tax rate was not reduced then they would refuse to pay tax. When this scribe tried to contact Karak TMO Malik Ghafar he was not available but another official on the condition of anonymity informed that they had received complaints of the lease owners and contractors and accepted that there was difference between the rates of cess fee taxes in tehsils. He added that they had forwarded the complaints of the contractors to the provincial government and had requested to reduce the rate of cess fee tax but, so far, they had not received any response from the provincial government. He added that the problem of the contractors and lease owners was genuine but they could not take step on their own and they had to wait for the reply of the provincial government. He said if the contractors refuse to pay the cess fee tax then they would again take up the matter with the provincial government on emergency basis to sort out a solution of the problem. Three persons killed in separate incidents Three persons were killed in separate incidents in Karak district and some unknown armed persons also snatched a motorbike and other valuables from a man here on Friday. As per police sources, in first incident, an Afghan refugee, living in Karak district was a cloth merchant, killed by some unknown persons with knives, and later his body was thrown in the deserted area of Monaka Banda, a remote village of Tehsil Karak. The locals informed police came to the spot and took the body into custody and put it in the women and children hospital Karak for recognition. Later on, brother of slain Hakeem Khan, Ghulam Ali son of Gul Zaman recognised the body and registered a case against unknown persons at Karak police station. While in another incident, a labourer was killed by his enemies at Saif Ali Banda in Karak tehsil. As per police FIR lodged by the brother of the slain Sahib Jan, he said that his brother Razeem Khan, son of Sunnat Gul, resident of Saif Ali Banda, was coming from labouring at evening when their enemies ambushed him and he was killed on the spot. Sahib Jan registered a case against five persons Usman, Shah Iran, Khyal Mar Jan, Gul Jehan and Saeedur Rahman at Karak police station. In third incident, a student of class 9 Hameedullah, son of Daulat Khan, resident of Gurguri committed self-emulation and killed himself with firing. The reason of the self-emulation could not ascertain instantly. Meanwhile, a young motorbike rider Mian Asif, son of Mian Umer Khitab, was looted by some unknown robbers on gunpoint. Sources informed that he was on his way to home from Karak when some unknown armed persons intercepted him at Tour March in the jurisdiction of Sabirabad police station, and they snatched motorcycle, mobile set and cash on gunpoint from him.