LAHORE - Cash-strapped Punjab Government has drastically slashed the number of tandoors and subsidised flour bags; imparting an impression that it is running the show but with less luster and gradually winding up its much hyped Sasti Roti Scheme in the City. The officials, however, said that the Punjab Government has only 'rationalised the number of tandoors and subsidised flour bags; thus reducing the expenses incurred on subsidy. They stressed that the government was not winding up the scheme, which was aimed at providing roti to the masses at affordable price. Under the Sasti Roti Scheme, the registered tandoors are selling roti at Rs 2. The Punjab Government is giving one flour bag to a registered tandoor at Rs 250 as against its market price of Rs 570, thus giving subsidy of Rs 320 on each bag. Previously, the Punjab Government was supplying 14,570 subsidised flour bags to 3,250 registered tandoors in the City, thus giving subsidy of Rs 4.662 million on daily basis. As such, the government was monthly spending Rs 139.86 million on subsidy on flour bags. Recently, the Punjab Government has reduced the number of tandoors to 2,086 and subsidized flour bags to merely 9,430, thus giving daily subsidy of Rs 3.017 million. As such, now the government would monthly spend Rs 90.51 million on subsidy on flour bags. With decrease in the number of registered tandoors by 1,164 and subsidized flour bag by 5,140, the cash strapped Punjab Government would daily save Rs 1.645 million in the head of subsidy. As such, the government would monthly save Rs 49.35 million in the head of subsidy. Sources said that the much hyped sasti roti scheme was heading towards its logical end as the government was facing difficulties to continue paying huge amount of Rs 4.662 million as subsidy on daily basis. Initially, the government has decreased the expenses incurred on subsidy by reducing the number of tandoors and flour bags under garb of 'rationalization. In coming days, the government would further decrease the subsidy that would finally lead to ending of an unrealistic and expensive scheme, sources maintained.