LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has stressed upon the government to adopt concrete and long term measures to overcome energy crisis instead of going for ad-hoc and artificial measures. Two weekly holidays in government offices and markets closure at 8 pm was not the solution of the energy crisis, he said while addressing Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque. Munawar Hassan said the prolonged loadshedding has already crippled industry and trade while curtailment of electricity supply to tube wells used for irrigation purposes would cause an irreparable loss to the agriculture sector. He said the rulers were creating an artificial energy crisis only to justify Rental Power Projects otherwise they should not be hesitant in procurement of electricity from Iran and China. If the government makes payments to the IPPs, the power generation could increase considerably, he added. He said that India had given an indirect threat of war to our country by giving High Alert Order to its forces on Chinese and Pakistani borders and the situation demanded the presence of a strong nuclear deterrent with Islamabad. The US, he said, was trying hard to place Pakistans nuclear facility under international control in order to leave this country at the mercy of India and the Nuclear Security Conference in Washington was part of this plan. He said attempts were being made to corner Pakistan on this score and Islamabad could be pressurized to sign the NPT. He said Pakistan should refuse to yield to such pressure. He said it was time to review the countrys defense policy and pull out of the war on terror.