LAHORE - A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistans Lahore Registry against renaming of NWFP province as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Petitioners Adam Khan Jadoon advocate of Abbotabad and Asad Ali Khan of Mansehra have filed the constitutional petition through their counsel Barrister Zafarullah Khan. The petitioners through their counsel, taking plea that renaming of NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa was a conspiracy against the identity of non-Pakhtun population of the province, said it could prove detrimental for the federation. They pleaded that the people of Hazara would never accept Pakhtunkhwa name and instead they might demand a separate province for them, opening a Pandoras box triggering further such demands for more new provinces and thus threatening solidarity of Pakistan. The Hazara province is going to be a second option for those who are living there unless referendum is held on the name of NWFP and they wish to name it Sub-Sarhad, the petition stated. The petition stated people could hold strike camps and observe hunger-strikes against the name of Pakhtunkhwa which could result in bloodshed and ignite terrorism in the province. The petitioners prayed that the new amendment under Article 246 in the Constitution be withdrawn being against the interests of the people of NWFP and in the interest of solidarity of Pakistan. The petitioners stated that if the name of Pakhtunkhawa is not reconsidered, Pakistan will echo with the demands of new provinces like Jinnahpur, Saraikistan and Hazara and other regional identities could get benefit of that situation and promote their ulterior motives. According to the petitioner the burden of taxes would increase on the people if the new provinces were created as huge expenditure would be required for the administration to run new provinces. The petitioners submitted that the new provincial name was against the desire of equal majority of the people who were opposed to it and were protesting against the renaming decision. The petitioners said the word 'Pakhtunkhwa reflected the old desire of Pakhtuns to get a separate country or state for them as some of the Pakhtuns had wished the same at the time of partition of sub-continent. They said in 1947 NWFP joined Pakistan after a referendum as there was a Congress partys government in NFWP at that time and they wanted to make a separate country in the name of Pakhtunkhwa. The petitioners expressed their apprehension that separatist sentiments might start breathing if the provinces name remains to be Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa despite protests of the people of Hazara and other non-Pakhtuns.