LAHORE Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has said that seeking facility of rental power plants (RPPs) to immediately narrow down the gap of power shortfall is not a scam, but the need of the hour being fulfilled through a procedure. He said that at the energy summit headed by the Prime Minister, when a clear picture was presented to the chief ministers, the latter also agreed to the need of RPPs as immediate measure to bring down the energy shortfall, therefore the media playing up it as a scam was uncalled-for. He said it was heartening that none of the participants at the summit tried to politicise the power crisis issue, but made efforts to sort the same out with a national spirit. He stated this while talking to media men after Wapda Chairman Shakeel Durrani and Pepco Managing Director Tahir Basharat Cheema briefed industrialists, chamber, representatives of associations, and media about the current energy crisis and tangible solutions to overcome it, at the Governors House here on Friday. During the course of the briefing the Governor was not satisfied with the facts and figures presented by the Wapda and Pepco officials while the corporate persons were also uncomfortable with power production arrangements, and its supply to them under short and mid-term planning. The Governor wanted the officers to give another briefing with up-to-date figures instead of mixing the new and old ones. He wanted them to make him understand the situation in easy words for he was a politician who had to satisfy the people outside. It was also found confusing for the audience that the conservation steps had to save about 2000MW but merely 500MW net induction in the system was shown on the screen. The technical jargon of the MD remained above understanding of the audience particularly the traders. He, however, maintained that immediate steps had been taken to reduce loadshedding by 33 per cent whose benefit would be distributed equally. The big silver lining in the briefing was the announcement by the Wapda Chairman that Diamir-Bhasha Dam project with capacity to generate 4500MW hydel power would be started from the July next. He said that preliminary work on the project had been completed as well as process for financing of $11.1billion was under completion. He said the project would be completed in eight years. As to the fear on the reduction of 300MW on power supply to the KESC, the MD said it did not mean short of that amount in the system of KESC, but provides the same from operation of the unit on gas which earlier was not giving production. The Chairman enlisted eight projects that would be completed and started in next five years to put as many as 23126MW electricity in the system. He said they were going to launch ultra mega project plant to generate one lakh MW by 2030. The Governor in the chat with the media man said that power crisis would be defeated with unity of the nation. The energy summit in Islamabad and participation of four chief ministers and the minister to find a way out of the electricity problem was a very welcome step, he said and added the way the government reached consensus on 18th Amendment and settled down the Constitutional issue, with the same spirit the power problem would be sorted out. He said it was unfortunate that what should have been done eight years back to meet the power challenges was being done today. He said the decisions taken in the summit meeting were to the benefit of everyone. By that the traders would get continuous power supply (from 4 to 8pm) for the business, which was more useful to them than running business in loadshedding. He said to a question that KESC through better load management had saved the provincial industry from loadshedding. As to the offer of 5000MW power from Iran, the Governor said it was a wrong impression that we did not accept that offer under pressure from a third country, but the fact was, it is not instantly possible as for that purpose we need to develop a transmission system which was not yet available and needs time and money. He said it was not the case that Iran was standing with that amount of electricity on the border but we were not accepting the same. He said the issue was very serious and extra-ordinary wherein we had to sit together to take extra-ordinary measures. He said in that course we had to give sacrifices as well. The Governor also asked the protesters against loadshedding to exercise patience as the situation would certainly get better. He said that at the summit every chief minister promised to implement the decisions, so the Punjab CM would also abide by that commitment.