LAHORE - MQM leader Dr Farooq Sattar has said that his party stands for the rights of the layman and its mission is not only changing life of the common man but the whole system wherein everyone can get equal treatment. He said this while speaking as chief guest at the ceremony organised by film-TV fame Umar Sharif to announce the production of his new film here Friday. Senior people from film industry speaking on the occasion vowed to face the challenges of Indian film industry and made commitment for the revival of good days film-making in Pakistan. A large gathering of senior actors, producers, writers including Mustafa Qurashi, Bahar Begum, Syed Noor, Mian Amjad, Jamshed Zafer and Khawaja Perviaz also spoke at ceremony held here on Friday. The ceremony was arranged by senior actor, host, Umer Sharif to announce the production of his new film. Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Dr Farooq Sattar was the chief guest of the programme. Dr Faroq Sattar said that country needed a revolution in every field of life including film industry and then we can see change. He said that two per cent elite has occupied all resources of the country and they were not willing to give rights to the deprived people. MQM was struggling to bring change not only in politics but in every field of life, he added. He announced to raise voice for the due right and needs of film industry in National Assembly and said that good film having good ideas were the need of hour. He also spoke against the nepotism in politics of Pakistan and said that change would come only when the people raise voice against the feudalism, and the prevailing system wherein only a class of people have a say. Mustafa Qurashi, Ghulam Mohyuddin, Syed Noor and other famous show bizz personalities said film industry wanted immediate attention of the government. They said that there should be advisors in cultural ministry to promote the film industry. They all were committed to face the challenges of Indian film industry provided the government supported them. They said that the industry needed new good films and cinemas. Umer Sharif on the occasion said his new film would bring about a change in the dead industry. He urged the people to encourage him and shoulder his efforts for the revival of industry. He also said film industry people should be united to get from the government what was their due. He also announced a hunger strike at front of National Assembly if the government turned deaf ear to their demands for revival of film industry. He also demanded of the government to declare the film industry a formal one. Moamar Rana, Saud Khan, John Rambo, Sahiba, Sangheeta, Jawad Ahmed, Waris Beg, Kanwal, Sheba Butt, Altaf Hussain, Aslam Dar and others were also present on the occasion.