JUST as more details filter through of the Dr Afia Siddiqui case, showing that she was kidnapped, it has also been reported that Pakistan continues to hold thousands of prisoners in detention, prisoners of the military which cooperated with the USA in arresting so many of the inmates of Guantanamo Bay and making sure they ended up in US custody. The Dr Afia case is the cause of so much interest, not just because she was a mysterious detenu, but because she is the mother of three children who also shared her imprisonment. However, the sheer ludicrousness of the charges against her, on which she has been convicted to boot, has added to the interest in her which was felt naturally by the Pakistani public about a fellow citizen. The news of the militarys prisoners has come at a time when the Supreme Court is taking serious notice of those who have disappeared, and the claim in the report in The Washington Post that Pakistani officials do not believe the local courts can handle the volume of cases will merely irk the judiciary, which might retort with justice that the executive lacks the ability to prepare cases which would stand up in court. As Pakistans judiciary has won its independence only recently, the prosecuting agency cannot expect the kind of decision that was obtained in Dr Siddiquis case. Pakistani officials should not doubt their courts ability, as the Guantanamo detenus have not yet gone to trial, even though the USA has a uniform military code of justice that Pakistan, to these officials regret, does not. As a matter of fact, Dr Siddiqui was probably one of the first of those detained by the USA on a charge connected to the War on Terror to go to trial. Her conviction reflects the complaisance of the judge before whom she went, and the standard of the charges that may be brought. The government must stop its cooperation in the Americans War, and ensure the release of prisoners by all state agencies. Holding persons without trial is bad enough at any time, but with the Supreme Court considering the missing persons case, this is an even worse time than usual.