LAHORE - A lawyer Ilam Uddin Ghazi on Friday moved a constitutional petition before the Lahore High Court (LHC) seeking registration of a high-treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf. The petitioner leveled 15 allegations of different nature against Musharraf. He started that former army chief had sabotaged the constitution violated his oath and dissolved the elected government without any cogent reason and only to save his skin and came in power illegally. Petitioner stated that Musharraf violated the constitution as judges of the Supreme Court and four High Courts were prevented to perform their judicial work and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was detained with his children. Petitioner said when the lawyers launched movement for restoration of judiciary, they were given severe beating and even false criminal cases were lodged against them. Musharraf also compelled Dr Abdul Qadir Khan to accept the allegation for selling nuclear technology, which earned bad name for the country. He said during regime of former president thousands of Hafiz-e-Quran girls and boys were killed through phosphorus bombs during operation in Jamia Masjid Hafsa, Islamabad. Rana Ilam also alleged that Musharraf was involved in Karsaaz incident in Karachi. Petitioner alleged that Musharraf ordered murder of patriot Akbar Bugti and also threatened his family members to die or leave the country. Musharraf also joined the US war after 9/11 without the consent from the nation and also handed over the innocent citizens to America to complete their nefarious designs. Petitioner alleged that Musharraf also made a plan to kill Benazir Bhutto. He stated that according to statement of Ch Shujaat Hussain, president PML (Q), Musharraf also committed series of heinous crimes. He stated that Musharraf was also responsible for abducting Dr Aafia Siddiqui. Petitioner requested that the federal government should be directed to lodge a case against Musharraf under Article-6 of the constitution and bring him in the court to answer for his wrong doings. Peace walk Revival of Heritage (ROH) held a Peace Walk from Awan-e-Iqbal to Lahore Press Club here on Friday. Different NGOs including HRCP, CWSF, SAP, SPO, Sahil, and WWO besides a large number of civil society activists participated in the walk. The participants were holding placards and banners with the messages of peace. The participants urged the government and the other segments of the society to educate others about toleration and forbearance for the sake of developing a peaceful society. They believed that without assurance of peace, society couldnt progress. They said the purpose of walk was to condemn terrorist activities. On the occasion, the ROH also announced to hold a peace conference with collaboration of its partner organisations.