KARACHI - The Sindh government has refuted the claims of Wapda regarding Rs21 billion arrears to the province on account of electricity bill. However, the provincial government also suggested that matter be forwarded to commission of jurists to decide the claims of the both sides. Sindh Chief Minster Syed Qaim Ali Shah stated this while addressing a press conference on Friday. The Wapda officials, during Energy Conservation summit, had claimed that a huge amount of Rs21 billion outstanding to the Sindh government, but we refuted the claims of the Wapda. We made it clear that the Sindh government has paid Rs33 billion, which are more than Rs21 billion being claimed by Wapda, Qaim said and added that Wapda was defaulter of Sindh government. Besides, the Sindh government challenging the over billing on account of electricity has already filed petition in the Sindh High Court against the Wapda/Hesco, so the matter is sub-judice. Referring 90s decade controversy between the Sindh government and Wapda over electricity payment, the CM recalled that Justice (r) Shafi Commission had also given decision in favour of Sindh. So, the mater could be forwarded to another commission comprising apex court judge to decide the issue between the Sindh government and Wapda, otherwise let the court decide the matter, he said. Qaim Ali Shah said that during the conference, the Wapda pressed the government for withdrawal of petition from the court, but we suggested the alternative forum to decide the issue. Meanwhile, Qaim Ali Shah said that Sindh presented strong case to develop Thar coalfield where billion of dollars are required to develop this sustainable source of the energy for the country. We have written letter to the Prime Minster urging him to approach the World Bank for financing to develop Thar coalfield because the US, UK and other international community pledged to help the Pakistan in solving of energy crisis. The Government should steer steps for approaching the WB in this regard, as Sindh government reserved Block-1 for World Bank but they did not show interest, CM unveiled, adding, if WB invest in the Thar coalfield, the other investor automatically come forward in the energy projects. He said that Engro Power Project with capacity of 200MW is ready for power generation. However, the Prime Minister will inaugurate this project. Besides, another power project in joint venture with Al-Abass group will start 600MW generation of power within in two years. At least 30,000MW will be required by 2015, while this will be increase to 1,14000 MW by 2030, CM quoted the assessment of PEPCO and Wapda which they briefed the Energy Conservation conference, adding that Thar coalfield was the only sustainable source which could be fulfilled energy consumption on long term basis. He also urged the federal government to finance the Sindh Government in terms of the coal related projects in Thar.