LAHORE The Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has strongly dispelled the impression that they are ready for talks with the US. In a statement received here, the Council said: Quoting the Sunday Times, some mass media outlets have reported that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate is ready to participate in a dialogue with the USA. The Sunday Times has published the report against all codes of journalism, on the basis of two unknown and alleged members of the Council. Other news agencies have published it without any alternations and verification from the official and well-known spokesmen of the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while believing that such farcical rumours are a fatuous propaganda stunt of the moribund enemy, declares its stand as follows: The Islamic Emirate emphasises its unwavering stand regarding talks with the Americans and considers unconditional withdrawal of all invading forces from Afghanistan as a prerequisite for talks and negotiation with the Americans. Talks with America in the presence of foreign forces would mean giving their invasion legitimacy. The Islamic Emirate believes that the presence of Americans in Afghanistan is the main factor of instability in the country and the whole region. So any deal under the name of negotiation is a betrayal to the Islamic aspirations of the people of Afghanistan and all vital interests as long as this factor remains in its place. The Islamic Emirate has an organisational set-up inside the country for the conduct and advancement of all Jihad activities against the invaders. The organisational entity by the name of Quetta Council, which the enemy ascribes to the Islamic Emirate, is a groundless and fabricated designation, which has no existence on the ground. The Islamic Emirate has appointed two spokesmen for the clarification and elucidation of its official policy. They have been entrusted with the duty to pronounce stand of the Islamic Emirate and explain its policy regarding all pertinent issues of the country. If someone speaks on behalf of the Islamic Emirate, it should be verified from these two spokesmen. Every posturing or political course of action which bobs up in the Western media from time to time, being contrary to the official line of the Islamic Emirate and lacking prior verification from the official spokesmen of the Islamic Emirate, is categorically a part of the enemy maligning campaign against the Islamic Emirate. It does not reflect or represent the official stand of the Islamic Emirate. The Leadership Council has requested all independent news agencies and media outlets to fulfil their due obligations of journalism while publishing such reports and observe all journalistic rules and norms in this regard. Similarly they should avoid projecting such assertions of unknown persons as the official stand of the Islamic Emirate without prior clarification and verification from the official spokesmen of the Islamic Emirate.