Tallat Azim Two and a quarter years on after BBs assassination, we have the UN inquiry report before us and it discloses nothing new. I think it is such a poor tribute to a charismatic leader who actually gave her life up for the sake of the country. And that too, during a time when the party that she led is in power at the centre. It may as well have been any government led by anyone else, for all the care they have shown in unravelling this mystery. It amazes me that the party in power has accepted BBs death as Allah ki marzi and while it is happily carrying on the naming of every institution after her, it is not really hankering after finding out who killed her. The report questions the most obvious conclusion - reached by Pakistani and US agencies at the time - that the assassination was the work of the TTP/Baitullah Mehsud and leans towards a conspiracy theory involving the government/Pakistans security agencies. On the other hand, it entirely disregards other conspiracy theories - including one which responds to the first rule of criminal investigation i.e. who benefited from the crime? Not just the enquiry commission, the entire bulk of Peoples Party can be accused of not investigating the mystery of BBs will properly and being bystanders to this strange hijacking. The report has blamed a senior police official for several lapses and it is implied that he was acting under the government/security agencies. Is it not strange then that this police official has been promoted? The report hardly seems to be the work of an impartial Hercule Poirot because it fails to inquire into the flight of the security back up vehicle after the bomb blast. This vehicle carried, as every one knows, the chief security official of the slain political leader- who is now responsible for the security of the entire populace, as the interior minister. There are many more leads which have not been followed through and Benazirs dupatta and blackberry phone are as missing as is a semblance of bijli in the country. The report has targeted Pakistans security institutions which was the agenda and purpose of Pakistans adversaries. Sources say that, within the UN, the process was driven by a senior Indian official and an Israeli staff member in the Legal Department. More than any one else, it is my confirmed opinion, that the people travelling in BBs vehicle and particularly those sitting to her left and right, would know exactly what happened, in terms of why she made the mistake of standing up in the open and what hit her and where. Perhaps, it is the strange murder of Shahanshah, Benazirs bodyguard some months after her, that sends chills up their spine and they choose to stay mum for the moment. There has been a furore against Musharraf once again after the report with some people baying for his blood. Implicating him in Benazirs murder would be the same as implicating Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in the murder of Ahmed Raza Kasuris father, I think, because it is an indirect link. There is also the big question mark on the hosing down of the place where Benazir was assassinated, within a short time after the act. If memory serves, a similar hosing of evidence was also done at the place where Murtaza Bhutto was gunned down in Karachi, at a time when BB was prime minister of the country. Both the cases need to be solved and solved by our own people, not outsiders who can never fully comprehend all the different factors involved. Postscript: It gladdens the heart to know that girls no longer want to be frightened of the forces of obscurantism. A demonstration of this fact was made at the International Islamic University at Islamabad recently. The female students carried out a peaceful, seven-hour protest against a particularly vocal member of the Islami Jamiat Tulaba, who gave them unsolicited lectures because they were taking photographs in the Engineering Block. It is alleged that not only did he argue with the young ladies, he also slapped and kicked one of them. This is apparently not the first time this has happened and the man in question has done this before too. This mode of behaviour is unacceptable in any civilised country. Unfortunately, these unelected custodians of other peoples morals must be kept in place and universities, particularly, must be free of their clutches. Islam, as a religion, is not for any one person to interpret or enforce. As far as the obscurantists are concerned, all that religion teaches is how to subdue women because they give un-pure ideas to their pure minds The mullah, in the common Pakistani mind, is only good for officiating at the rites of marriage and death. If they aspire for more recognition, they will have to fall more in step with the world. The prime minister unveiled a strategy for energy conservation recently. There were no quick fix solutions despite the mounting public pressure and agitation to reduce loadshedding. The best they could come up with is two holidays a week and shops to close at 8 pm. The two holidays will also take down productivity further. Ironically, the public has been advised to be more patient. It seems like a really long, hot summer is upon us and we will all be many shades more tanned, by the time the weather becomes pleasant again. Closing of markets at 8 will not be practically possible too as the summer heat prevents consumers from going to the markets until sun down anyway. The only good news is that the PM and Presidents Houses will visibly reduce their electricity consumption by 50 percent and the neon billboards will switch off. I do not want to look at a beauty soap model all aglow, if I am sweltering in the heat The writer is a freelance columnist. Email: tallatazim@yahoo.com