ISLAMABAD Wheat procurement procedure in Punjab is facing a lot of mismanagement on part of the Punjab Government, besides tough procedures of Food Department for the release of wheat bags and other contributory factors. It might be quite astonishing to many that some of agriculture experts were also raising eyebrows on the quality of wheat, which had been stored for a long time. On the other hand, Punjab Government is making excuse for not having enough place to keep wheat, saying that there was a capacity of only 40 million tonnes wheat storage. It was much disturbing for farmers who have to undergo a tough criteria for the release of bags. As per procedure, he has to first give an affidavit to the revenue department then he received a token. It doesnt end here as on the issuance of this token, he has to approach the Food Department for release of wheat bags, said Food Department officials. A group of farmers waiting for the sale of their wheat commented that they were waiting for some time now, but still didnt know when Punjab Government would facilitate them. Revenue and Food Departments of Rajanpur and Rahimyar Khan are playing hide and seek and till now farmers of Tehsil Rojhan are wondering who is going to pick up their wheat? they said. Lack of interest on part of Punjab Government regarding wheat procurement could also be assessed that last year Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif paid a number of visits during the wheat procurement process and this year no policy schedule came to the surface. This year his absence and lack of interest in particular matter is testimony to the fact how much CM Punjab is concerned over the issue. Some of critics are also raising questions on the role of Secretary Food Irfan Ilahi who was earlier made OSD following the UN enquiry report on Benazir Bhutto. However, Irfan Ilahi was later given extension but this didnt make any difference in the wheat procurement process, Agriculture experts claimed. It would not be out of place to mention here that Federal Government also played its role in creating mess, as still non-appearance of PASSCO schedule for wheat procurement is adding insult to injury. It was on record that last year Government purchased around 70 million tonnes of wheat from formers but this year Government was not showing clear stance for just around 40 million tonnes. Farmers are much perturbed over as they are getting only 8 jute bags (Bardana) per acre. It is necessary to mention here that average wheat production of one acre is about 1200 kilograms to 2000 kilograms. Some of the affectees of Government also said that they were bound to sell their crop below the support price due to negligence of the incumbent government on the wheat issue. We are even bound to sell our crop at Rs 775 to Rs 800 per 40 kilograms, they said, adding that the rate in open market was not less than Rs 950.