It is common knowledge how efficient our bureaucracy (public servants) in every department is, and what conditions they work under. Even though most of the bureaucrats, (over three million in total nationwide) in Pakistan, are honest and hard working, dedicated, and sincere to Pakistan, to start with, or at some point during there career but however unfortunately the environment that they work under is unsuitable, to say the least. What is required to improve bureaucracy is to firstly double the pay by 100%, of all GOP both federal and provincial, and all departments and all branches of government especially in education, health, police departments along with judiciary. As inflation is so high, and bureaucrats, cannot do an honest job with such low pays. Secondly, the entire lot of ghost GOP employees need to be identified and struck of the payroll. Thirdly, every GOP employee needs to be given some long term incentives, such as the practice in army. Where depending on the seniority, and number of years in service, each employee should be given one prime plot in DHA. GOP employees in other carders on successful completion of 10 years service, should be given one plot in DHA, in the city of their choice along with free, medical and education facilities. Fourthly, all GOP employees should be screened. Any GOP employee found unsuitable should be given a chance to take a course, and improve his/her skills and then retested. Fifthly, any GOP employee made OSD for malpractice or any verified complaint should be barred, from reappointment, for 5 years without pay or benefits. As only with proper policy of GOP employees, and incentives, can Pakistan become more attractive destination for FDI or LDI investment, and only then can jobs be created, and only then can public get relief. I will urge the government of the day, to implement the above suggested improvements, in the next two years and to give maximum relief to public. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, April 23.