Video clips showing mass scale cheating by the students appearing in the Board exams at the various exam centres in the province of Sindh did not surprise me at all. Where we have cheaters at every level of our hierarchy in the government who evade taxes, make bogus bills to swindle state money, appoint their blue eyed boys on key appointments without any merit, get elected on fake degrees and on bogus votes, misappropriate government funds, approve projects only on the surety of getting kickbacks, defy supreme court judgments etc etc. We give birth to the next generation of cheaters who watch their elders doing all this hanky panky. The top men are appointed without merit and there is no accountability at any level. I remember studying at IBA, University of Karachi under Dr Abdul Wahab during 1980s. One could not imagine of cheating or missing any class. Even during curfew hours, the classes were not suspended. Any student if caught cheating or absenting from 3 classes would get dropped from the semester. So where there is a will, there is a way. In these video clips, one could see the helplessness of the invigilators and the police. In fact they were facilitating the copying instead of making unfair means cases (UMC). The students were getting question papers one to two hours later than the scheduled time and at some centres the candidates could buy the paper half an hour before the time for meager Rs 50 per paper. The solved papers were available for Rs 100 to the candidates in the examination hall after the start of the paper. The candidates were seen copying direct from the books and notes taken along in the exam centres. Then we hear the statement of the provincial education minister Pir Mazharul Haq that it is not his job to stop cheating. Instead of resigning as minister, he blames his subordinate staff for mismanagement. Perhaps he does not know that entire education and exam system under him is fully corrupted and he is responsible for it. Why could he not take stern action against superintendents of examination of concerned centres by getting them dismissed from service. Only a couple of such exemplary punishments would stop cheating business in future exams. He should consult Dr Abdul Wahab how he ensured 100 percent fair exams as Vice Chancellor of Karachi University during his tenure. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 21.