That the IMF has refused to let Pakistan have the remaining tranches of the Stand-By Agreement it entered, a delay which is now going to exceed a year, is certainly not good news. What makes it worse is the fact that the IMF, despite not giving any money still sees fit to lay down its conditions. Not only is it insisting on the imposition of the RGST and ending exemptions, but it wants the wealth tax brought back, even though its abolition was accounted such a great success at the time. It is not a coincidence that the IMF is showing this truculence not only when the budget is round the corner, but the USA is also finding that the Pakistani government is finally realising that obeying the American diktat in the war on terror is not serving Pakistan in any way, and by being part of it, the wishes of the people are being flouted. The government not only obeys the IMF, but it allows it to make economic policy for it. This has landed it in a position where it has become an accomplice in its measures to destroy the economy. The IMF strings are primarily meant to force obedience in the USAs war on terror, and to destroy Pakistans economy by imposing taxes which cannot be paid except at the cost of more inflation and which will be paid by the common man, and by bringing the national economy to its knees. Already, the IMF has been told that the revenue target for the next financial year, 2010-11, will be Rs 1952 billion. This reflects how the government will disregard the woes of the people, and try its best to obtain the remaining tranches of IMF aid, no matter how harsh the penalties the IMF imposes in the course of granting those tranches. It must be noted that the IMF sees no harm in continuing to impose conditions with every time it is to release fresh aid. The bureaucracy does not mind, for the repayments to the IMF will come out of future tax revenues.