One is at a loss for words to describe the grief over the loss of internationally reputed Pakistani legend and king of comedy, Moin Akhtar, who died on Friday evening due to cardiac arrest. Our silver screen has been deprived of a versatile and dynamic personality who manifested his talent as an actor, TV host, comedian, singer, script writer and producer at the same time. With a lot many dramas and comedy plays to his credit, he enthralled and won the hearts of television audience through his dynamic acting and appealing personality. Moin Akhtar is amongst those comedians who provided a quality comedy whilst abstaining from vulgarity which gave him an edge over others and bolstered his reputation amongst family audience. He is amongst those actors who afforded a bustling laughter to his fans both at home and abroad. He was the life of our show biz and television channels. He was indeed a man of exceptional calibre who dominated the realm of acting and comedy from a young age. Now, when he is no longer amongst us, it really seems that our television screens have turned black and our TV channels look stark. People like Moin Akhtar are extremely rare and it is indeed our good luck that we had a chance to experience the talent of this great person who conquered our hearts and souls. A patriotic Pakistani, he promoted the name of Pakistan in true sense and right spirit. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family. I pray that Almighty Allah bless his soul and enable his family to overcome this heartrending grief. BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, April 23.