During President Asif Ali Zardaris recent visit to Turkey it was agreed that 'Pakistan would back a plan to allow the Taliban to open a political office in Turkey to help with talks to end the war in Afghanistan. This reinforces the viewpoint of a section of American politicians who think that 'Pakistan treats Taliban as friends and the official view of the Obama government that 'Pakistan is not making enough efforts to fight out Taliban. While on a visit to Pakistan a few days back Admiral Michael Mullen accused the ISI of maintaining ties with militants in Afghanistan highlighting Pakistans foot-dragging in tackling strongholds in North Waziristan belonging to the Haqqani network. He squarely blamed the intelligence agency of having a longstanding relationship with this outfit. The acts of our leaders like the one mentioned above are instrumental in creating the impression that the USA has. Let us not forget that almost every suicide attack and explosions of all sorts taking place in the country which cause a heavy toll of life are promptly claimed by TTP. Talking to a private TV channel a spokesman of the TTP admitted that the boy arrested on the charge of attacking Sakhi Sarwar shrine belonged to the militant organization. He further mentioned that the TTP has imparted training to a large number of 'suicide bombers and sent them to various destinations to target the assigned places. In view of all this, how can we consider militants as our friends? Supporting the proposal to allow Taliban to open an office in Turkey was thus pretty unwise. We must also take some effective measures to nullify the impressions that the Americans carry about our efforts. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, April 21.