Prime Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani’s lawyer in the contempt of court case, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan, said on Tuesday he anticipated justice rather than favor from the Supreme Court. After completing his arguments in support of his client, Ahsan told the media in the courtyard of the apex court that in criminal proceeding “every benefit of doubt goes to the accused.” “Since the honorable judges, hearing contempt case, are also sitting in the original bench of NRO implementation, the question of jurisdiction arises, he said referring to the maxim of “No body can sit as a judge for his own cause.” Responding the question of his perceived acquaintance with Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Ahsan said, “I standby everyone who is in need. I must mention here that it was only because of Justice Iftikhar’s resistance to former dictator General (retired) Musharraf that we are having democracy now in the country,” he maintained. Thus, he added, that he anticipated justice from the court as against anything else. He hoped that the court would decide keeping in view the principles of justice and also looking into the depth of the matter. He once again reiterated his “technical objections,” to the jurisdiction of the bench. Quoting precedents from different court cases as he did inside the courtroom, Ahsan said, two different benches hearing these correlated cases must have increased chances of two different decisions. Aitzaz said he would accept the court’s verdict, adding that the court can hand down up-to six-month jail term to the Prime Minister.  He said Gilani would remain the Prime Minister even if he is convicted for contempt of court. Elaborating he said the Prime Minister could lose his seat when he tenders resignation, a no-trust motion is passed against him and when he is disqualified for holding any public office. He was of the view that the President cannot use his discretion to pardon the Prime Minister if he is convicted and he will have to consult the Prime Minister in accordance with the 18th amendment.