This email is in response to the article by Engr Khurshid Akhtar Khan with the above title. While I agree with the views of the writer, he has tried to condense the misadventures of four Khaki dictators in one small article. Earlier I had written four articles on the establishment debacles in which the damage inflicted by each one of them was discussed in details. Three of them were published by your paper (Ayub, Yayha, Zia) while the one on Musharraf was not. I suggest all four of them should be published in series to highlight the debacles and derailment of the country and its civilian institutions. In order to move Pakistan forward, establishment and its politicians have to be weeded out of the political process. We must re-build civilian institutions to ensure democratic rule with Election Commission being the first one to ensure sanctity of the ballot and smooth transfer of power. History of Pakistan from the murder of the first Prime Minister to the fall of the last Dictator should be properly recorded and conveyed to the youth. Pakistan must come first in letter and in spirit.


Lahore, April 22.