KARACHI\LAHORE - The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Monday began inspection of passenger planes operated by private airlines after the fatal crash in Islamabad which took 127 precious lives.A CAA spokesman said authorities had started checking private airlines’ planes on Monday while these airlines would continue their operation in the meanwhile.He said the CAA was yet to receive orders about grounding of private airlines’ planes.He said, “We have asked all the private airlines to reschedule their domestic and international flights during the inspection to avoid any inconvenience to the passengers.”“Inspection work will begin with Bhoja Air planes before moving on to Shaheen Air International and Airblue.”He said planes from the national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had shakedown checks a few months ago and would not be subject to the special inspection.It is pertinent to mention here that Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar on Sunday had ordered to ground all the planes of private airlines, making the obtainment of fitness certificates mandatory for them within the next three to four days.The Defence Minister, citing ‘a string accident’ involving planes of private airlines, directed that their planes be grounded until they have their planes inspected. The minister said all the planes of the private airlines would be grounded from Monday.On Sunday, the Jinnah International Airport was closed after a tyre of a private airliner burst during landing. The plane blocked the main runway and all departing flights were delayed and the incoming flights were diverted to other airports.Meanwhile, four Bhoja Airlines flights operating between Lahore and Karachi were cancelled on Monday due to unknown reasons. However, spokesman of the Bhoja Airlines said flights were cancelled due to CAA inspection at Karachi airport. The cancelled flights included B4-116, 117, 118 and 155. Spokesman was of the view that airlines considered up and down flights as single flight and thus these were two flights not four. He said their planes were under inspection and by Tuesday (tomorrow) their operation would become normal. In the meanwhile, a PIA flight Pk-742 operating between Jeddah-Islamabad had to land at Lahore airport due to bad weather.Agencies add: The CAA has said grounding of the private airlines is not on the cards. “The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) launched a comprehensive inspection of airplanes being flown by private Pakistani airlines, from today,” CAA spokesman Pervez George told AFP.The CAA had already received a plane from Bhoja Air for so-called ‘shakedown’ checks by engineers, George said. He refused to give any timeline for completion of the process, saying, “It is difficult to say how much time the inspectors will take to examine each plane and all its systems”.