The Supreme Court of Pakistan reserved on Tuesday its verdict in contempt of court case against Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, summoning the PM on April 26 (Thursday) for the decision. According to a private Television channel, newly-appointed Attorney General Pakistan Irfan Qadir on Tuesday claimed that no law addressing contempt of court existed in Pakistan. “No sentence can be announced under the existing law of 2003 Ordinance as it was not adopted by the Parliament,” Qadir contented. Qadir made the claim while presenting his arguments in the contempt of court case against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. A seven-judge bench was hearing the case against the prime minister. About the court’s 2010 verdict in NRO implementation case, Qadir said “the court announced its 300-page ruling against 8000 people without hearing them, whereas it put forward only few paras for the implementation.” At which Justice Nasirul Mulk said “if there were just few paras how the government claims to have implemented most of the verdict.” On which the AG said the court was misguided. “The government makes false claims in this regard. The court verdict was not implemented. I will point out the sectors where the verdict is not implemented.” He said “conflict among institutions is against the national interest and avoiding such conflicts is my responsibility.” Qadir suggested the court should avoid hearing political cases. Such matters should be taken in their actual context, and not in an emotional manner. The attorney general moreover said that it was the prosecution’s duty to ensure that no one innocent was penalised. Qadir said a section of the media was misreporting the details of the case and was creating misunderstandings between the government and the judiciary.