President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdoon Javed Hashmi has said that Imran Khan’s tsunami of revolution and his increasing popularity among the masses have worried corrupt politicians and to save their faces they were trying to take shelter of democracy. Talking to a delegation of party office bearers led by former district council member Muhammad Anwar Pasha here on Tuesday, Javed Hashmi said that politicians who looted the national exchequer were afraid of PTI due to its manifesto to recover the plundered money, give protection to masses and national interests. He said that political leaders who took full benefit of power during their four year rule in the name of political reconciliation fear PTI’s increasing credibility among the common man and they were using all tactics to defame it. The PTI president said that political parties who adversely damaged the national and masses interests were putting all effort to reunite but masses would not let them do so. Hashmi claimed that no force can now stop the masses revolution and change has become the fate of country. He blamed that ruling leadership has no interest in resolving the issues confronting national sovereignty and hardships faced by countrymen. The PTI president said that without getting rid of the outdated system and selfish leadership who have no concern with country and its people, situation could not be mended.