LAHORE – Dictatorship, underdeveloped legislative bodies and lack of civic education are the main reasons that the country’s economy has gone down the tubes, said Saghir A. Tahir, an expatriate and Representative of New Hampshire State Assembly (2001-2010), during an interview with TheNation.

Mr Tahir, who is a businessman and consultant and has been living in United States for last 40 years, said “I believe in democracy but that should not mean that elected officials should act as bosses rather they should be the servant of the people.” He said that Pakistan was never given an opportunity to follow a normal process of making an independent foreign policy and the drone attacks were being carried out with the approval of Pakistani government According to him, overseas Pakistanis were losing their sleep over the issues like corruption, lack of justice, inflation and the rise in crime and lawlessness becoming prevalent in their home country.

He said that only the people of Pakistan have to save their country from going to ruins:

“You can’t expect that a Khomeini will come outside of Pakistan and make things in right direction. If a change is in order, only the people can make it happen.” 

He said that a country which was rich in natural resources and man power could be among the most developed nations if brought under the leadership of a wise person. Saghir has been working with PTI for the last two years and believed that Imran Khan was the appropriate person to lead the nation out of crisis. “He (Imran Khan) is an honest person. He works hard and his interest lies with the interest of Pakistan,” he said, adding Khan against the other politicians does not have his money outside of the country creating jobs for overseas.

To a question, he said that Pakistan could get rid of all the problems by the development a just and strong judicial system. He held that his party was working with the same agenda.  Saghir A. Tahir said that his hometown was Sahiwal and he was making efforts to make his town a fort of Tehrik-e-Insaf. Corrupt people would never get the ticket from the party, he added.