The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Tuesday banned Bhoja Air Lines planes for general flights after finding some of the planes unfit to fly. CAA had started inspection of passenger aircrafts operated by private airlines earlier on Monday after the fatal crash in Islamabad. According to a private television channel, Airworthiness Instructor CAA cancelled the Airworthiness Certificate for 2 flights of Bhoja Airlines headed to Islamabad via Lahore from Karachi. “ During inspection”, Instructor said, “ Planes were found unfit to fly or in objectionable conditions and couldn’t obtain mandatory certificate were banned for general flights both domestic and international. They are grounded until clearance and obtainment of Airworthiness Certificate”. He further added that objections were raised on the constituent parts of Bhoja Airlines planes including Landing Gear and Doors during inspection. It is pertinent to mention that Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar had ordered inspection of all the planes operated by private airlines. Planes carrying national flag of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had already obtained airworthiness certificate from CAA.