LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Chief Justice on Monday sought assistance of Punjab and federal law officers on a petition seeking directions for adoption of Urdu as official language of the country.

Petitioner Ilamudin Ghazi submitted that Quaid-e-Azam, while addressing students at Dhaka in 1948, had announced to make Urdu the official language of Pakistan, however, the decision was not implemented despite a passage of more than 63 years. The petitioner pleaded that the subsequent governments were under obligation to fulfil Quaid’s desire, adding that the constitution also stipulated making Urdu the official language.

He contended that since a vast majority of the people could only read and write in Urdu, the decision of making it the official language would facilitate communication between people. He stated that making Urdu the official language was necessary, because only those nations progressed which preferred their mother language as their official medium of communication. Petitioner prayed for directions for adoption of mother language as official language.

Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed recorded the initial arguments and directed the provincial government to submit a reply within ten days. The court also sought appearance of concerned deputy attorney general to assist the court.

Police accused of

implicating victim in

fake case: Rape victim Samina Bibi on Monday accused police of implicating her and her family in bogus cases.

Young Lady Samina, a resident of Faisalabad, along with her family members protested when she appeared on Monday in the Lahore High Court (LHC) in pursuance of her case seeking cancellation of the bails of five accused. The case was remanded to the LHC by the Supreme Court when it took suo moto notice on her appeal seeking cancellation of the accused persons’ bail earlier granted by the LHC. The LHC had granted bails to Asghar Ali, Ansar Ali, Ihsan, Tariq Ali and Karam Hussain.

Talking to the media, she said that the apex court had on Jan 27 directed her to appear before a medical board of Civil Hospital Faisalabad. But, when she along with her counsel Mujahid Wasim Chaudhry reached there, the hospital administration told her that no board had been constituted for her medical examination.

After collecting some information, she came to know that the accused persons had filed applications for the constitution of new medical board, however, their applications were discharged, Samina said.

Later, she claimed, the accused persons allegedly with the support of D-Type Police Station involved her in a fake case and also tried on political basis to relate her case with an unknown man namely Ajmal Bajwa.

“I have no relation or contact with Ajmal Bajwa but police are forcibly trying to relate me with him on political basis,” the female victim claimed, alleging that police just wanted to save the accused.  Therefore, they were making her case weak. She appealed to the Supreme Court to take notice of the police attitude and take action against them as police officers were making false statements before the apex court as well as LHC in order to save the real culprits.