After more than four years of rule, the PPP, with nothing to show for its performance and commitment to its manifesto, is now trying to divert the masses’ attention by exploiting their sentiment with the call for more provinces. What has the PPP done for the residents of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa where it is in power in coalition with the MQM, the ANP, the PML-F and the PML-Q? Other than those calling for the creation of a Hazara province, the rest, who have been in power and delivered nothing except miseries, are trying to fool the people. Will the problems of abject poverty, unemployment, lawlessness, sexual abuses, health, education, housing etc be resolved after creation of more provinces? Having been exploited in the name of religion, slogans such as ‘roti, kapra, makan’ and state security etc, the poor people of Pakistan have lost faith in the ruling elite, both military and civilian.


Multan, April 16.