TOBA TEK SINGH - Hundreds of people from the suburban villages staged a protest and blocked Toba-Gojra Road for all kind traffic to condemn the alleged burning of the holy Quran near Janiwala Railway Station by unknown culprits.Meanwhile, hundreds of students from various schools also joined them and then they marched towards Janiwala where they stopped Karachi-Faisalabad bound Super Express train while Pakistan Express Train at Toba. The protesters moved on and stopped Karakurram Express at Dabanwala Railway Station and continued their protest for more than three hours.According to reports, before Fajr prayer, three accused entered a mosque and desecrated the holy Quran. One of the fleeing accused was overpowered by the locals and handed over to the police. On the call of Ulema, people took to roads and started demonstration. Later, DPO Ahsan Younis held talks with the leaders of protesters and assured them that both the runaway accused would also be captured and a case under blasphemy law would be registered against the accused. The DPO also formed a committee comprising Ulema to carry out an investigation into the incident.Meanwhile, when Ulema informed the protesting people of the decision and urged them to disperse, they refused and demanded to show them the arrested accused. Later, the police resorted to aerial firing and teargas shells. The police also charged the protesters with batons as a result of which few people received injuries. However, the police succeeded in dispersing the protesters and restoring the rail and road traffic.It is to be noted that the police did not disclose the name and identity of the arrested accused till filing of this report.