KARACHI – In line with GSK’s plan of over Rs. 2 billon investment in consumer healthcare business in Pakistan by 2013, Sensodyne has launched a new toothpaste to provide an answer for the large number of people who suffer from sensitive teeth but do not treat the problem, says a press release.

The fast-acting Sensodyne Rapid Action works in just 60 seconds and offers long-lasting protection from pain of sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity, a short sharp pain in the teeth, with the intake of hot or cold food or drink or while brushing, is a common problem affecting 1 in 3 people globally, yet many do not actively address it.

Dr. Anis-ur-Rahman explains, “Sensitivity can appear as a symptom from late teens onward People generally avoid treating sensitive teeth due to their fear of visiting the dentist”.

When the new Sensodyne Rapid Action is gently massaged onto the base of a sensitive tooth for 60 seconds it provides marked relief from pain of sensitivity. As Dr. Anis further explains, “Certain toothpastes, like Sensodyne Rapid Action block the transmission of painful stimulus to the nerve.

Sensodyne Rapid Action is a new formulation that has been tested to provide quick and effective relief from sensitivity.“