ISLAMABAD – With an objective to express solidarity with the thalassaemia patients, Mohsin Khan, a 13-year-old carrier, on Monday was honoured to act as managing director (MD) of Pakistan Baitul Maal (PBM) for one day.The teenager not only met different applicants as MD here at the PBM headquarters but also passed several orders.On the occasion, PBM MD Zamurd Khan assured that all those orders passed by the child would be implemented in letter and spirit. While talking to the journalists, he expressed gratitude to Mohsin Khan for taking his charge for one day and assured that all his orders would be implemented. “Offices are temporary but what lasts forever is virtue. I want to work for the needy and I would leave no stone unturned to help the needy,” he said and added that making a Thalassaemia carrier MD of PBM was a gesture to express solidarity with all such patients. The MD also announced to make Mohsin as the PBM ambassador for the carrier patients and said that PBM would soon establish its blood bank as decided by Mohsin to help all the patients suffering from Thalassaemia and hemophilia. “We would soon give gold medals to those who have donated blood more than 100 times while those would be accorded with silver medals that have donated blood 50 times,” he added. He said that the PBM would also launch an awareness campaign about the disease and general public would be given basic information to avoid diseases like thalassemia and hemophilia. Earlier, Mohsin Khan, who is a student of 9th class and is on blood transfusion for the past 13 years, told journalists that he wanted to follow Zamurd Khan, who was his ideal. “I want to work for Thalassaemia patients for my entire life. I also announce to establish a blood bank under the PBM. I would request the government to launch awareness campaigns on thalassaemia as are run about Polio eradication,” he said. On the occasion, Dr Naila of the PIMS submitted an application with Mohsin Khan asking the PBM to provide funding for 50 patients of Thalassaemia in Children Hospital, PIMS. Khan approved the application. Mohsin Khan was diagnosed thalassaemia positive after six month of his birth. Since then, the brave teenager is on blood transfusion.