US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker said his country would support any government system backed by the Afghan people. A visiting group of US Congressmen and leaders of the Afghanistan National Front (ANF) suggested a parliamentary model as a suitable alternative to the present presidential system. Crocker, who arrived in Kandahar city, capital of southern Kandahar province, said the visit was private and has nothing to do with the US government’s policies. After the meetings, ANF leader, Ahmad Zia Massoud, told a joint press conference in Kabul that the only solution to resolve the crisis in Afghanistan was to switch to a parliamentary system. In a joint statement, they said comprehensive reforms were needed in the country’s political system ahead of foreign troops’ withdrawal, saying the present government system was rife with corruption. The US envoy, who also visited Kandahar University, met tribal elders, religious scholars, provincial and peace council’s members and local government officials. Later, he attended a joint press conference with Governor Tooryalai Weesa, saying the US supported Afghanistan’s constitution and would support any form of government that Afghans chose. On a proposed strategic agreement, the contents of which were finalised a day earlier, Crokcer said the agreement tied the US in a long-term partnership with Afghanistan. Karzai spokesman, Aimal Faizi, on Sunday said Afghanistan and the US finalised the contents of the much-delayed strategic partnership pact, which would be sent to both countries’ lawmakers for final consultations. Foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul and national security advisor, Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, on Monday briefed both houses of Parliament on the contents. "The accord will be signed as soon as possible by the US and Afghan presidents. We assure Afghanistan that US will be its supporter for a long time ahead," the envoy said.