Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh has said that the World Bank is to invest $ one billion in energy and economic sectors while the US would provide $ 223 million for Mangla and Kuram Tangi dam projects. Talking to media after meetings with World Bank and IMF officials, the Finance Minister said that the United Kingdom has expressed willingness to provide over two billion dollars to Pakistan in the next four years. He said economic stability was the top priority of the government and for this purpose all out efforts are being made. The Minister referred to his meetings with Asian Development Bank and USAID officials and said they have assured to invest in Diamer-Bhasha dam project. He said Pakistan expects to receive a record $ 13.5 billion in foreign remittances which is a sign of overseas Pakistanis’ confidence in the economic policies of the government, which have now put the national economy on path to stability and growth. Sheikh said Pakistan’s policies are yielding results despite soaring international oil prices and uncertain global economic situation this year  and  economy will grow at 4 per cent of GDP, the best in last five years. He recounted a host of positive indicators including six percent expansion in exports, which follow a 30 per cent increase in exports last year, and a jump of 25 percent in revenue collection in the last nine months from July to March. Besides a check on inflation and government austerity drive, have also helped ease pressures on the economy. At the same time, he said, Pakistan is fulfilling its debt repayment obligations and paying back an amount of $ 1.2 billion to the International Monetary Fund this year.