Thermal power plants are consuming 27,000 tons per day of mostly imported oil for generating power at Rs 16 per unit, which the government is supplying to the consumers at Rs 8 per unit, incurring huge losses.

Does it make sense for the PPP to say that had Benazir’s energy policy not been reversed things would have been much better?

On the contrary, things would have been much worse. We would have been importing and consuming even more oil and producing expensive power and subsidising it.

This propaganda by the PPP is to cover up the faulty policy of putting all our eggs in the thermal basket. The IPPs at best should have been a short-term measure. If long-term hydel projects had been initiated at the same time, we would not be importing oil today and would be getting power at about Rs 1 per unit.

We would also be getting ample water for irrigation. Indeed, it is bad enough to pursue a faulty policy, but it is even worse to praise it to the skies and to pull wool over people’s eyes.

In view of the very adverse impact on the economy, even the former Prime Minister had said that no more oil-based power plants would be installed in the future. What I cannot understand is why they are not considering solar energy at all?


Lahore, April 18.