Lahore - Dr Ghazanfar Mehdi, a candidate for general elections 2013, has announced to contest elections from NA-40. 

Dr Mehdi also presented his manifesto comprising seven major salient features.

He said that he was going to take part in active politics to save the country and its people from wrong policies of the rulers.

He announced his candidature and manifesto at Lahore Press Club at a Press conference. He said that the government had ambiguous policy about drones attacks while Opposition parties had voiced anger but had not taken any positive step to uphold country’s integrity.

He said he wanted understanding between different sects of the country.

After being elected, he will endeavour to raise these questions in Parliament and suggest their solution, he said, adding, that he will also announce an enhanced participation of educated people living abroad in general elections.

Dr Ghazanfar said that his aim to take part in active politics is the establishment of the Seraiki province because Multan has great significance in the area.

According to him his manifesto will resolve the issue of separate provinces, issue of voting of foreigners, drone attacks, basic rights of the citizens, right of the civil servants and true representation of the general public and their right to vote for the right people.