I want to draw the kind attention of the Chief Election Commissioner to the problems which old aged voters will be facing during elections, in casting their vote. Although their number may be around 28 percent, their votes are as valuable and important as anyone else’s. They are important because they can make an educated decision in choosing the right candidate for the future of the country.

The difficulty faced by them will be standing in long queue for long period of time. If the election commission makes sure that the system can bring some humane changes at polling stations, such as providing drinking water, sitting arrangement, some shade and separate line for older people, the turn out can change the future of the country.

In developed countries, the governments pay great attention, show respect for their older citizens and solve their problems. Our government can also show some respect by making their visit to the polling station comfortable. They can arrange transport in all areas to facilitate their visit to the polling stations at a nominal fee.

I hope the CEP would made special arrangement for the old aged citizens otherwise, the election would not be fair and impartial.



Rawalpindi, April 17.