USA is still in shock after the killing of innocent people during the Boston Marathon bombing. World leaders and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have condemned the attack. Killing of innocent people is internationally accepted as a heinous crime and there is no justification for committing it anywhere in the world. The guilty must be brought to justice and the affected families must be rendered due recompense.

The reality is that USA has rarely experienced tragic incidents of bomb blasts inside their country while they have killed millions of innocent people wherever they have invaded. But they shout injustice from the roof tops when it happens to them.

For example, the departure of US forces from Iraq has not given the country peace and harmony, while before its invasion it was remarkably calm and peaceful; now every day brings the sad news of death and bereavement.

Earlier this month a roadside bomb killed seventeen civilians, mostly women and children, on their way to a wedding party in Western Afghanistan. Eleven innocent children lost their lives when Nato war planes mistakenly hit their home. Civilian population is also paying a high price with US drone attacks in Pakistan. An attack on a religious seminary in South Waziristan killed eighty innocent children only a few years ago.

In his recent statement former US President Jimmy Carter acknowledged the fact that the drones were targeting civilians. There is need to remember that the blood of these innocent people is no different from the blood of the innocent people killed in Connecticut school tragedy or the Marathon runners in Boston! The world community must also raise their concern for the people who are paying a heavy price for USA war adventures in different countries.


Jeddah, April 28.