The joy of reading books cannot be described in words. It is something that you can understand only when you experience it. There is much more to life than work and spending time aimlessly with the latest technology – that is, computers, mobile phones, etc.

Reading books gives you the much needed break from the chaos that exists around in your life. It instils peace and relaxes one, as well as stimulates the brain.

When you read a book, it feels great to travel to different worlds that the writer has created, meet strange and at times similar characters.

Ask any avid reader about this and he/she will agree that reading a book is, perhaps, the same as watching a movie.

Against this backdrop, educational researchers have found a strong correlation between reading and vocabulary enhancement, as well as increase in general knowledge.

However, it is not very surprising, since the best way to build your vocabulary is to read as much as possible.

So if you want your child to be successful in life, instil in him or her the habit of reading. Surely, you will have a successful and intelligent child with strong moral values.


Karachi, April 18.