As far as the choice of a career path is concerned, there seems to be a herd mentality in Pakistan.

Perhaps, this is because most of the students never get proper counselling at the school level and after completing Matriculation, they opt for the most popular subjects without proper thought and, at times, just to fulfil their parents’ dreams.

In the 1980s, mostly students wanted to become either a doctor or an engineer.

Later, however, they started opting for an MBA or a BBA degree; to the extent that many of them left fields like engineering to join marketing.

Since the recent past, we have entered a new era – that is, the age of Information Technology, commonly known as IT. Having said that, it is also a fact that the craze for degrees like business and marketing still persist.

Obviously, no country needs people educated and trained only in one or two fields. It is true that when there are too many professionals related with a particular field, the ratio of unemployment will certainly increase, since there will be fewer jobs and more professionals.

As a final word, it is important that we introduce more subjects and create awareness about them, in addition to informing our youth on how to become a strong part of the economy by making the right choices.


Lahore, April 16.