islamabad - Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has sought 165 per cent hike in the prices of hydel power from NEPRA while the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has also asked to approve Rs 2.20/unit increase in electricity tariff on account of monthly fuel price adjustment.

At present, hydel power tariff is set at Rs 0.72/unit while for next financial year (2013-14) the Wapda has now asked the NEPRA to set Rs 1.90/unit as new hydel power tariff also for next FY2013-14. The NEPRA, over WAPDA’s request to jack up the hydel power tariff, is scheduled to hold hearing in Lahore on May 14.

According to Nepra (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority), the Wapda in its plea seeking Rs1.18 /unit raise in the tariff of hydel power, has asked the regulatory authority to approve this raise for the upcoming financial year. Again, Wapda is of the stand that since there is an increase in the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) cost so the NEPRA should also approve Rs 7 billion and 50 crores increase in the tariff for FY 2013-14. And, during next financial year, WAPDA would have to pay Rs 6 billion to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) purely on account of hydel profit while Rs 35 crores to IRSA (Indus River System Authority) under water surcharge head. Also, Wapda would generate Rs 31 billion and 75 crores from hydel power plants.

Interestingly, Wapda Hydroelectric (WAPDA Residual Power Wing) has installed capacity of 18 hydel power stations, having installed capacity of 6,879,56MW, however, out of these 15 hydel power stations having installed capacity of 6612MW are currently in operation and the remaining three power stations with total installed capacity of 268MW shall start operation by June 2013. In addition, rehabilitation of 22MW Jabban Hydropower is scheduled to be completed during FY 2012-13.

On the other hand, Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA), in its plea, has also pleaded the authority (NEPRA) to approve a hike of Rs2.20/unit in the tariff of electricity under the head of monthly fuel price adjustment. The CPPA has said that reduced gas supply and reduced hydel power during March has caused per unit raise in the prices of electric power.

Sources further said that earlier NEPRA had set Rs7.76/unit as a reference fuel cost for the month of March for power generation while actually it remained at Rs 9.96/unit. The regulatory authority (Nepra) would hold hearing over the CPPA plea during the next week, sources added.