The world has progressed to where now roads are made and upgraded in days, but Pakistan being an underdeveloped country, continues to meander on the road to development very slowly.

All over the world, roads are made not to hinder the commuters, but in Karachi, it takes months and sometimes years to complete them. My University, FAST, is situated on the National Highway and to reach it, I have to travel over some damaged roads and pass through the heavy traffic that is a huge problem.

The work started on the bridges of Quaidabad (Malir) and Malir Naddi eight days ago and has added to our woes. Before this dilemma, traveling to the university was bad, due to broken roads and heavy traffic but now it has become worst, as the ongoing work on the bridges has slowed the traffic even more. Thus, it takes more time to reach my destination.

One side of Malir Naddi Bridge is blocked for traffic, so the other side has to deal with two-way traffic. This makes a bottleneck traffic, which is the reason for the horrendous traffic jams that occur.

Same is the case with Quaidabad overhead bridge. One side is blocked and people have to take alternate routes to come back to the city. The route includes the thin and broken streets of Landhi, which makes life more miserable.

Although the repair work is good, but the amount of time taken is unrealistic in this fast moving age.

I think they delay the work deliberately to get more money from the government, as usually if the tender is for the work done this would have taken less time.

So I would like to draw attention of competent authorities to take notice of the slow progress and make sure that it is completed as soon as possible.


Karachi, April 20.