A shameful, reprehensible and sad notification was issued on April 18, 2014 by the ECP regarding the returning of the leader of a fiendish organization in NA, on the basis of a biased, partial and influenced judgment of Election Tribunal, Faisalabad. The candidate contested election on the ticket of MDM, which is headed by the Father of Taliban. He is the leader of an illicit organization which is brutal, atrocious, and killer of thousands of innocent Muslims and Non-Muslims. Our law is so lame, incapacitated and crippled that it has no yardstick to filter out the right from the wrong. Politicians have become so blind that their gluttony sees only what can fulfill their already large tummies. Every member of the parliament has his personal greed but no national concern.

I got the chance to listen to the working of the House once and believe me most of the time it seemed like a very low grade stage show. What can be hoped of from such representatives? Hardly anyone is sincere to the homeland. Party politics has pushed the country’s wellbeing far behind. Hypocrisy prevails everywhere. The new Amir of the JI says there is no harm in accepting Taliban’s demands. Actually TTP, LeJ, ASWJ and other outlawed groups are the militant wings of the JI, MDM, JUI and DPC. They are now challenging the writ of the state; soon they will challenge the existence of the state. It is time the patriots, the saviors, and the real defenders of our country come forward and liberate this motherland from all evils and from all these despotic and hypocrite groups.


Jhang, April 19.