LAHORE - Lauding the role of Muslim Institute, The Nation Editor-in-Chief and Nazaria Pakistan Trust Chairman Dr Majid Nizami has said that unity among Muslims is need of the hour.

He expressed these views while reviewing the two years performance report of Muslim Institute, presented by its Chairman Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali.

Dr Nizami reiterated that Kashmir would be freed, even if by struggle. “Free the jugular vein otherwise our country would be converted into a desert,” he held.

Dr Nizami said the ulema of sub-continent played an important role in the creation of Pakistan. “I am happy to see that a family member of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo laid foundation of an ideological research institute and Sahibzada Sultan is on the right path for fixing the problems facing the Ummah,” he added. He also prayed for the success of Muslim Institute.

Sahibzada Sultan paid tribute to Dr Nizami for his services to Kashmir cause. He said all the patriots always seek guidance from him due to his ideological struggle. He said Muslim Institute was established in 2012 and the main objective of its establishment was to provide opportunity of research regarding problems facing by Ummah.