LAHORE - The PPP has demanded restoration of wheat subsidy for the people of Gilgit Baltistan.

Though the government has formed a committee led by Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Regions Burgees Tahir to resolve the issue, the PPP has called upon the government to resolve the issue at the earliest.

PPP Punjab Secretary General Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, in a statement, has questioned the rationale presented by the federal minister Barjees Tahir who had stated that it was a matter between the local population and the government of GB.  He said this was not the case as the federal government had withdrawn wheat subsidy for the people of GB and the federal minister’s statement was highly misplaced. “The withdrawal or restoration of wheat subsidy is purely federal government’s subject and a matter between the local administrations is highly misplaced,” Kaira maintained.

He argued the people of the region were poor and the wheat subsidy made the difference in their subsistence level. “The IMF conditionalities should not be implemented at the expense of lives of the poor”, he insisted.

The PPP leader said the people of GB also resorted to sit-ins before the government secretariat for so many days and the PPP leadership repeatedly demanded that their legitimate demand should be accepted. “But the government turned its deaf ear and the people continued their protest,” he added.

He urged the committee to immediately recommend the restoration of wheat subsidy to the government so that the miseries of the poor come to an end sooner than later.