LAHORE - Though there will be 749 candidates in the race for the Cantonment Board Local Bodies polls in Punjab but the real contest is expected between 200 candidates of the PTI and PML-N in most of the local elections with upset from the PPPP, JI and possibly PAT.

Punjab, which houses largest number of Cantonment Boards, will hold biggest contest among 749 candidates of the PTI, PML-N, PPPP, JI, Dr Tahirul Qadri’s PAT and independents.

According to an official list of the Election Commission of Cantonment Boards, LB polls’ candidates from Punjab available with The Nation, the PTI has fielded 102 candidates on the election symbol of BAT. The PML-N has put 98 candidates in the race with the election symbol of LION, while the PPPP has fielded 53 contenders with the election symbol of ARROW. The JI has fielded 41 candidates with the election symbol of SCALE, while the PAT has launched 23 contenders with the election symbol of BUCKET.

Sheikh Rasheed’s Awami Muslim League Pakistan (AMLP) has fielded six candidates with the election symbol of INKPOT with PEN.

Surprisingly, the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC), which is supposed to be a larger religious parties alliance of Barelvi school of thought has launched only one candidate in Punjab with the election symbol of HORSE. Similarly, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan-Noorani, another religious party belonging to Barelvi school of thought and once believed to be an impactful religious party, has also launched one candidate with the election symbol of KEY.

The list of the candidates of the PTI, PML-N, PPPP, JI, PAT, Awami Muslim League Pakistan, Sunni Ittehad Council and Jamiat Ulema Pakistan-Noorani in Punjab is as follows:

Rawalpindi Ward-1, Majid Meharban Qureshi–PAT, Rawalpindi Ward-1, Malik Naseem Ahmed Nasir-AMLP, Rawalpindi Ward-1, Malik Sajid Mehmood-PML(N), Rawalpindi Ward-1, M Ejaz-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-2, M Usman Khan-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-2, Raja Shoukat Mehmood-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-2, Shahzad Arif-JI, Rawalpindi Ward-2, Zia Kusar Zaman Malik-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-3, Abdul Majeed Khan-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-3, M Amir-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-3, M Shafique-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-3, M Tariq Siddiqui-AMLP, Rawalpindi Ward-4, Asim Rahman-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-4, Feroz Bhatti-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-4, Rasheed Ahmed Khan-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-5, Malik Abid Hussain-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-5, Masood Khan-AMLP, Rawalpindi Ward-5, M Jabbar-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-5, Raja Jahan Dad-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-5, Sajid Mehmood-JI, Rawalpindi Ward-6, Hafi Zafar Iqbal-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-6, M Aamir Siddiqui-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-6, Tahir Abbas-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-7, Astasab Hussain-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-7, Ijaz Ahmed-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-7, Mansoor Afsar-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-7, M Nadeem Iqbal-JI, Rawalpindi Ward-8, Arshad Mehmood Qureshi-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-8, Saeed Ahmed-JI, Rawalpindi Ward-8, Tahleel Ahmed-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-9, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed-PML (N), Rawalpindi Ward-9, Malik Abdul Karim Khan-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-10, Mian Atif Mehmood Qureshi-PTI, Rawalpindi Ward-10, M Shahid-PPPP, Rawalpindi Ward-10, Shahid Mughal- PML (N), Chaklala Ward-1, Ch. Ishaq Akbar-PTI, Chaklala Ward-1, M Iqbal Khan-PPPP, Chaklala Ward-1, Raja Pervaiz Akhtar-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-1, Sajid Mahmoor-AMLP, Chaklala Ward-2, Dilawar Khan-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-2, Haji Malik Pervaiz Akhtar Awan-PTI, Chaklala Ward-2, Khan M Shafiq Khan Jadoon-PPPP, Chaklala Ward-2, Mansoor Iqbal-AMLP, Chaklala Ward-2, Mirza Khalid Mehmood-JI, Chaklala Ward-3, Ch. Changez Khan-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-3, Zulfiqar Hussain-PTI, Chaklala Ward-4, Mian M Riaz-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-4, M Naseer Mughal-JI, Chaklala Ward-4, Sajjad Akhtar Malik-PTI, Chaklala Ward-5, Ch. M Faisal Khan-PPPP, Chaklala Ward-5, Khalid Mehmood Butt-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-5, M Dilpazir-PTI, Chaklala Ward-6, Ajmeer Khan-PTI, Chaklala Ward-6, Asad Rauf Khan-PPPP, Chaklala Ward-6, Ch.Khurram Siddique-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-6, Haider Ali-AMLP, Chaklala Ward-7, Ghulam Rabbani-PAT, Chaklala Ward-7, Imtiaz Ahmed-PPPP, Chaklala Ward-7, M Jamil-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-7, M Khalid-PTI, Chaklala Ward-8, Ch Khurram Shahzad-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-8, M Imran-AMLP, Chaklala Ward-8, Rashid Ali Raja-PTI, Chaklala Ward-9, Imran Ali Babar-PTI, Chaklala Ward-9, Malik M Naseer-PPPP, Chaklala Ward-9, Raja Irfan Imtiaz-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-9, Tahir Mehmood Baloch-JI, Chaklala Ward-10, Ch. Zeeshan Mumtaz Warraich-PTI, Chaklala Ward-10, Khalid Mahmood-JI, Chaklala Ward-10, Malik Azher Naeem-PML (N), Chaklala Ward-10, Sohaib Akhter-PPPP, Wah Ward-1, Malik Mehmood Khan-PML (N), Wah Ward-1, Malik Zafar Mehmood-PTI, Wah Ward-1, Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah Naqvi-PPPP, Wah Ward-1, Tanveer Mansha-JI, Wah Ward-2, Malik Abid Mehmood-PTI, Wah Ward-2, Malik Misri Khan-PML (N), Wah Ward-2, Rustam Khan-PPPP, Wah Ward-2, Sheikh Adil Amman-JI, Wah Ward-3, M Idrees-PTI, Wah Ward-3, M Tabish Siddiqui-JI, Wah Ward-3, Raja M Ayub-PML (N), Wah Ward-3, Syed Tanveer Abbas-PPPP, Wah Ward-4, Imran Khan-PTI, Wah Ward-4, Raja Aamir Saeed-PML (N), Wah Ward-4, Waqar Ahmed-PPPP, Wah Ward-5, Malik Azhar Nawaz-PTI, Wah Ward-5, M Qasim Qureshi-JI, Wah Ward-5, Raja M Saeed-PML (N), Wah Ward-6, Abdul Haleem-PML (N), Wah Ward-6, Abdul Waheed Butt-PPPP, Wah Ward-6, Amjad Mehmood Kashmiri-PTI, Wah Ward-6, M Zaman-PAT, Wah Ward-6, Zubair Hafiz-JI, Wah Ward-7, Abdul Rehman-PML (N), Wah Ward-7, Arslan Ahmed-JI, Wah Ward-7, Lal Zada Khan-PTI, Wah Ward-7, Malik M Ijaz Tahir Advocate-PPPP, Wah Ward-8, Jamil Arshad-PPPP, Wah Ward-8, Malik Fahad Masood-PTI, Wah Ward-8, Raja Habib-ur-Rehman-JI, Wah Ward-8, Raja M Sheraz Asghar-PML (N), Wah Ward-9, Ihtisham Iqbal-PTI, Wah Ward-9, Khawaja Hamza Hayat Khan-JI, Wah Ward-9, Syed Ibrar-ul-Islam-PML (N), Wah Ward-10, Azhar Mehmood-PML (N), Wah Ward-10, Mazhar Mehmood-PTI, Taxila  Ward-1, Ch.M Zahid-JI, Taxila Ward-1, Syed Raza Hussain Shah-PTI, Taxila  Ward-1, Tariq Mehmood Awan-PAT, Taxila Ward-1, Zarrar Akhtar Awan-PML (N), Taxila Ward-2, Ghulam Dastgeer-PML (N), Taxila  Ward-2, Ghulam M-PAT, Taxila Ward-2, M Ashiq Hussain-PTI, Taxila Ward-2, Tanzeel Mudassar-JI, Murree Ward-1, Raja Akmal Nawaz-PML (N), Murree Ward-1, Saeed Ahmed Awan-PTI, Murree Ward-1, Sarfraz Khan Satti-PPPP, Attock Ward-1, Taimoor Aslam-PTI, Attock Ward-2, Zahoor Ahmad-PTI, Sanjwal Ward-1, Liaqat Ali-PPPP, Sanjwal Ward-1, M Aftab Rafique-PML (N), Sanjwal Ward-1, Rehmat ullah Niazi-PTI, Sanjwal Ward-2, Ashiq Hussain-PML (N), Kamra Ward-1, Malik Akmal Shafique-PTI, Kamra Ward-1, M Arif Mehmood Malik-PML (N), Kamra Ward-1, M Warasat-PAT, Kamra Ward-1, Sakhawat Ali-JI, Kamra Ward-2, Farrukh Sair-PTI, Kamra Ward-2, Farzana Nosheen-JI, Kamra Ward-2, Rana Nasir Ahmed-PML (N), Kamra Ward-2, Sheraz Ijaz-PAT, Jhelum Ward-1, Raja Sana Ullah Khan-PTI, Jhelum Ward-1, Raja Wajid Mehmood Asghar-PML (N), Jhelum Ward-2, Imran Bashir Wayne-PML (N), Jhelum Ward-2, Qazi Tariq Aslam-PTI, Mangla Ward-1, Tariq Khan-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-1, M Ali-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-1, Shahid Ali Sheikh-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-1, Wajid Ali-PPPP, Lahore Cantt. Ward-2, Abad Mahmood Qureshi-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-2, Abbas Dogar, SIC, Lahore Cantt. Ward-2, Ahmad Naseem-JI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-2, Ali Mehdi-PPPP, Lahore Cantt. Ward-2, Ikhlaq Hussain-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-3, Mehmood Ayaz Yousaf-JI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-3, M Iqbal-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-3, Rashid Ahmed-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-3, Tariq Mehmood Awan-PPPP, Lahore Cantt. Ward-4, Asif Ali-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-4, Faisal Faryad-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-4, M Khalid Siddiqui-JI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-5, Javed Zamir Ahmed-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-5, Shahzad Hussain-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-6, Iftikhar Ahmad Awan-JI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-6, M Taimur Akhtar-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-7, Abdul Razzaq Abid-JI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-7, Ch.M Umar Akbar-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-7, M Imran Ali-PPPP, Lahore Cantt. Ward-7, Rana Tanveer-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-8, M Ateeque-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-8, Rashid Hussain Sandhu-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-8, Sakandar-e-Azam-JI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-8, Sher Ali-PPPP, Lahore Cantt. Ward-9, Naeem Shahzad-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-9, Nazakat Ali-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-9, Rashid Feroze Sohtra-PPPP, Lahore Cantt. Ward-10, Ilyas Ali-PTI, Lahore Cantt. Ward-10, M Jafar-PML (N), Lahore Cantt. Ward-10, M Zahid Anjum Pervaiz-PPPP, Walton Ward-1, Ashfaq Ahmed    -PML (N), Walton Ward-1, Marghub Iqbal Ahmed-JI, Walton Ward-1, M Ehsan Mehmood-PTI, Walton Ward-2, Malik Tahir Mahmood-PTI, Walton Ward-2, M Hanif-PML (N), Walton Ward-2, Zaki ud Din Sheikh-JI, Walton Ward-3, Abbas Ali-PPPP, Walton Ward-3, Faisal Saud Bhatti-PTI, Walton Ward-3, Iftikhar Ashraf-JI, Walton Ward-3, M Azam-PML (N), Walton Ward-3, M Barkat-PAT, Walton Ward-4, Faqeer Hussain-PML (N), Walton Ward-4, M Aslam-PTI, Walton Ward-4, M Sharif-PPPP, Walton Ward-4, Shahid Bhatti-JI, Walton Ward-5, M Akbar-PTI, Walton Ward-5, M Akram Sohl-PML (N), Walton Ward-5, M Sajjad Khan-PAT, Walton Ward-5, M Tahir-JI, Walton Ward-5, Robson Gill Tabasum-PPPP, Walton Ward-6, Ch. Sajjad Ahmad-PML (N), Walton Ward-6, Ghulam Rasool-PPPP, Walton Ward-6, M Azam-JUP(Noorani), Walton Ward-6, M Khubaib Nazir-JI, Walton Ward-6, M Shahbaz Ikram Butt-PAT, Walton Ward-6, Sajid Hussain-PTI, Walton Ward-7, Arshad Ali-PAT, Walton Ward-7, Ch. M Sharif-PPPP, Walton Ward-7, Ch. Tahir Hameed-PML (N), Walton Ward-7, Nasir Shahid Khan Lodhi-PTI, Walton Ward-8, Irshad Mehmood Khan-PTI, Walton Ward-8, Mateen Butt-JI, Walton Ward-8, Mian Safdar Ali-PPPP, Walton Ward-8, M Mehmood Rehmani-PAT, Walton Ward-8, Raja Noor Subhani-PML (N), Walton Ward-9, Abdul Rauf Butt-PAT, Walton Ward-9, Basharat Ali-PTI, Walton Ward-9, Khidmat Ali-PPPP, Walton Ward-9, M Yaqoob Maan-JI, Walton Ward-9, Munir Hussain-PML (N), Walton Ward-10, Ch. Adnan Sarwar-PPPP, Walton Ward-10, Ch. Akhtar Ali-PTI, Walton Ward-10, Hafiz Liaque Ahmad Shahid-JI, Walton Ward-10, Imran Siddique-PAT, Walton Ward-10, Khalid Ahmed-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-1, Khalid Saleem Qureshi-JI, Sargodha Ward-1, Malik M Ashraf Awan-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-1, M Owais Zahoor-PTI, Sargodha Ward-2, Bilal Khalid Warraich-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-2, M Arshad Warraich-PTI, Sargodha Ward-2, Shahid Mehmood-PPPP, Sargodha Ward-3, Ch. Bashir Ahmed Harral-PTI, Sargodha Ward-3, M Shehzad Anwar-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-3, M Yaseen-PAT, Sargodha Ward-3, Raja Kamran Rasheed-PPPP, Sargodha Ward-3, Zafar Ahmed-JI, Sargodha Ward-4, Imdad Hussain-PTI, Sargodha Ward-4, Syed Irfan Muzamil-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-5, Ayaz Khan-PTI, Sargodha Ward-5, M Akram-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-6, M Arshad-PTI, Sargodha Ward-6, M Bashir-PPPP, Sargodha Ward-6, Zawar Hussain-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-7, M Asif-PTI, Sargodha Ward-7, Rashid Naeem-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-8, Fiaz Ahmed-PTI, Sargodha Ward-8, Ghulam Abbas-PAT, Sargodha Ward-8, Jabir Abbas-PPPP, Sargodha Ward-8, Shahid Aziz-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-9, Nazir Khan-PTI, Sargodha Ward-9, Sadaqat Ali-PPPP, Sargodha Ward-9, Sajid Iqbal-PML (N), Sargodha Ward-10, M Afzal-PAT, Sargodha Ward-10, Zahid Akhtar-PML (N), Shorkot Ward-2, M Imran-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-1, M Arshad-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-1, Tahir Farooq-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-2, Asif Iqbal-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-2, Qamar Ali Cheema-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-2, Shabbaz Khan-PPPP, Gujranwala Ward-3, Hamayun Rashid-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-3, M Tanveer-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-4, M Shabbir-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-4, Nasir Hussain-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-5, Farooq Afzal Chughtai-JI, Gujranwala Ward-5, Malik Javed Iqbal Shani-PPPP, Gujranwala Ward-5, M Ashfaq-PAT, Gujranwala Ward-5, Sardar M Azeem Ullah Khan-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-5, Shabir Hussain-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-6, Amjad Shahzad-JI, Gujranwala Ward-6, Asghar Warraich-PTI, Gujranwala Ward -6, Shahbaz Rasheed-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-7, Ch. Ghulam Qadar Warraich-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-7, Sardar Khalid Hayat-PAT, Gujranwala Ward-7, Wamic Saeed-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-8, Israr Baig-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-8, Rana M Ehsan Khan-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-9, Abdul Shakoor-PAT, Gujranwala Ward -9, Ch.M Nawaz Hafeez-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-9, Mohsin Tanveer-PTI, Gujranwala Ward-9, M Saleem Minhas-JI, Gujranwala Ward-10, Mirza M Ashraf Baig-PPPP, Gujranwala Ward-10, Mohsin Naveed-PML (N), Gujranwala Ward-10, M Imran-JI, Gujranwala Ward-10, Shujaat Hussain Chaudhary-PTI, Kharian Ward-1, Khalid Mehmood-PML (N), Kharian Ward-1, Shakeel Ahmed-PTI, Kharian Ward-2, Masood Ahmed    -PTI, Kharian Ward-2, M Akram-PML (N), Sialkot Ward-1, Babar Ali Khokhar-PTI, Sialkot Ward-1, M Aleem Babari-PPPP, Sialkot Ward-1, M Zubair-JI, Sialkot Ward-1, Zahid Nadeem Shamsi-PML (N), Sialkot Ward-2, M Gulraiz Sheikh-PTI, Sialkot Ward-2, Naveed Mughal-PPPP, Sialkot Ward-2, Waheed Ahmed Malik-PML (N), Sialkot Ward-3, Mushtaq Ahmed Qadri-PML (N), Sialkot Ward-3, Rashid Asif-PTI, Sialkot Ward-4, Malik M Ashraf-PML (N), Sialkot Ward-4, Syed Ahmed Raza-PTI, Sialkot Ward-5, Atif Munir-PML (N), Okara Ward-1, Faqir M Chaudhary-PAT, Okara Ward-1, Shazia Ahmad Nawaz-PTI, Okara Ward-2, Imdad Hussain-PML (N), Okara Ward-2, Mubashir Hussain-PTI, Okara Ward-2, M Riaz-PAT, Okara Ward-2, Nasir Mehmood-PPPP, Okara Ward-3, M Akram-PAT, Okara Ward-3, M Imran-PTI, Okara Ward-3, Nasir Ali-PPPP, Okara Ward-3, Raja M Sharif-PML (N), Okara Ward-4, M Asghar Anjum-PML (N), Okara Ward-5, M Yaseen-PML (N), Okara Ward-5, Wilson Masih-PTI, Multan Ward-1, Mahar Ghulam Farid-PTI, Multan Ward-1, Rana M Ashraf-PML (N), Multan Ward-2, Khalil Ahmad-PML (N), Multan Ward-2, Syed Muzamil Hassan Shah Bukhari-PTI, Multan Ward-4, Abdul Haq-PML-N, Multan Ward-4, Saeed Ahmad Moni-PTI, Multan Ward-5, Kalb-e-Abid-PTI, Multan Ward-5, M Khalid Asad-PML-N, Multan Ward-6, M Yaqoob Khokhar-PT, Multan Ward-6, Nadeem Shah-PML-N, Multan Ward-8, M Saleem Nasir-PTI, Multan Ward-9, M Yasin-PTI, Bahawalpur Ward-1, Imran Ahmed Kashif-PTI, Bahawalpur Ward-1, Malik Imtiaz Kamran-PPPP, Bahawalpur Ward-1, Shahab Saqib Rehmani-PML-N, Bahawalpur Ward-2, Majid Ali-PTI, Bahawalpur Ward-2, M Nadeem Ahmed-PPPP, Bahawalpur Ward-3, Amir Sohail-PPPP, Bahawalpur Ward-3, M Akhtar PTI and Bahawalpur Ward-3, M Ali-PML-N.