Last checked JUD and ASWJ were banned organizations, the former also having a UN resolution against its leader. As my understanding goes, no banned organization should be allowed to operate in Pakistan. While travelling, I was shocked and disappointed to observe that JUD’s flags were swaying in the city where the Khadima-e-Aala resides. Yes, in Lahore, not only this, despite there being a National Action Plan; and PEMRA which is said to be the regulating authority, Hafiz Saeed enjoys air time. He continues to sell his propaganda.

In the ongoing Saudi led war in Yemen, Pakistan has chosen to stay neutral; as decided by our Parliament. Therefore, It was shocking to observe Ludhianvi and Hafiz Saeed, leaders of banned organizations, along with other pro-Saudi clerics arranging a conference vowing to defend the Holy places in Saudi Arabia and calling the resolution on Yemen as “against the will of the people” and “a waste of time”, that too in the federal capital of Pakistan. Making a mockery of the Parliament, perhaps they consider themselves and the likeminded as the only legitimate people of Pakistan. I’d like to ask the real representatives of the people some simple questions; why hundred and fifty slain children are not enough for us to set our path right? How many more will it take to make us act properly?


Lahore, April 16.