Unfortunately civilian and military leaders who have been ruling lack vision to plan and make policies for the betterment of the people. Can Pakistan afford or should to participate in the Yemen’s conflict? Aren’t we aware that we are already engaged in a war? Regrettably, we still have not learnt from history. Developed countries had leaders who planned ahead so that the future of their nations would be secured, unfortunately, our leaders have been promoting heroism, adhocism, favouritism and nepotism, protecting their interests and trying to prolong their rule. Terrorism is increasing in country but the government is promoting the idea of Ummah. We are already facing a sectarian monster and enough blood has spilled and it does not seem as if the government has any plan to improve things or mend the foreign policy.

Even pressing issues like terrorism and sectarian don’t seem to be nearing any solution. The Government should stop focusing on presenting itself as the guardian of Islam and instead should focus on protecting its own nation. Until it does this, we can never hope to be a prosperous nation.


Islamabad, April 4.