Hiba Danish @AwaamiAwaaz

#MQMThanksNA246 - not only did young/old/women/families come out to vote but also our saathis from oversees showed their patriotism!

Sabheen Ghoury @sabheenghoury

QeT Mouhtaram Altaf Hussain instructs all the workers n supporters to stay calm & celebrate victory #MQMThanksNA246


Ch Farakh Shahzad @ImFarakh

Dear PTI reapect the mandidate of MQM #MQMThanksNA246

AHmad Noorani @Ahmad_Noorani

MQM was targeted,its voters were harassed by Rangers.It wins even then.Many Pakistanis will start learning facts about Karachi politics today.#MQMThanksNA246

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