As 2016 is predicted to be the hottest year and temperature is expected to raise up to 45 to 490 C, so the chances of heat strokes has also been increased.

With reference to the previous year 2015 “THE HEAT WAVES HIT KARACHI” in such a way that the temperature was pushed up to 450C, As a result of which more than 1800 people died of heat stroke in Karachi, due to which chaos was created, no rooms were available in hospital, morgues were full, no places were left in grave yards. Electricity shutdowns played the major role in the deaths of thousands of people but there were no co-operation given from the government, no steps were taken and people were left at the mercy of Allah. People were helping themselves.

As summers are around the corner and heat waves are hitting Karachi already, so this year the concern authorities should take necessary steps to prevent people from heat strokes.


Karachi, March 20.