Reference reports published in your paper about links with RAW of MQM leaders such as Altaf Hussain, Anwar Bhai and others. My question is; Who is more guilty those; who had given up on Pakistan, acquired foreign nationalities, pledged an oath of loyalty to another country, thereby renouncing any allegiance they may held to Pakistan, or head of sensitive security institution who knew about these nefarious activities and yet chose to align with these politicians just to prolong his illegal and unconstitutional dictatorship? Musharraf while in uniform held office of President and must have had access to this information, which Mustafa Kamal and others are so vocal about. As long as politics of Pakistan is run by men who have no stakes in this country, Pakistan will continue to be a state of continuous turmoil. What can be a bigger crime than a constitutional public office holder willingly fraternizing individuals who have renounced Pakistan, termed it biggest sin and yet having such persons become part of a coalition government headed by him.


Sukkur, March 20.