When top US General Patraeus head of CIA till 2012 was forced to resign for extra marital affair, the prestige, honour and credibility of their nation’s armed forces was restored in eyes of their citizens. Pakistan’s armed forces under command of Gen. Raheel are fighting the very jihadists who were given sanctuary by Zia and whom Musharraf and others who followed him failed to challenge effectively. Yet the same Musharraf had no qualms when on 12 May 2007, he raised his fists wearing a uniform in Islamabad proudly proclaiming his show of power on streets of Karachi where over 60 citizens of Pakistan were lynched and massacred by his political coalition partners. This is what it takes to separate “Men from boys”.

No public office holder in USA and rest of developed world can receive gifts which they can retain from any foreign government, nor are they allowed to have any conflicts of interest. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a retired general having known political links with Altaf Hussain, whom this country’s intelligence and security services have accused of having links with RAW, has been allowed to run away from country. If this was in knowledge of Musharraf, than he committed a bigger tyranny than imposition of martial law in 1999 by forming a coalition government which included a party having links with RAW. God save Pakistan from such vultures, who this country has provided opportunities, given honour, fame and loads of money, but who lack morality and ethics.


Lahore, March 18.